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Guy Bar-Oz, a Zooarcheologist, Awarded Dusty Miller Fellowship

What is a zooarcheologist? Or is it an archaeozoology? That is the first question that one asks this year’s winner of the annual Dusty Miller Fellowship for Outstanding Young Researchers. The recipient, Dr. Guy Bar-Oz, a Lecturer in the Department of Archaeology whose Ph.D. is in Life Sciences, described the honor he received as “an important recognition and encouragement to the developing field of Archaeozoology in Israel.”
He then goes on to explain: “Archaeozoology deals with studying animal bones from archaeological sites. This is a specialized scientific discipline, combining knowledge and techniques from several scientific fields—zoology, ecology, anthropology, and archaeology—all of which serve to investigate the relationship between animals and humans in the past.”
 Archaeozoological research in Israel is also of interest to the general public, he informs his audience, since “it incorporates a wide variety of subjects on our ancestor’s way of life and cultural variability and contributes to our understanding of environmental changes through time.”
Bar-Oz’s first book, bearing the daunting title of Epipalaeolithic Subsistence Strategies in the Levant: A Zooarchaeological Perspective, will soon be published by Brill Academic Publishers in conjunction with the American School of Prehistoric Research, which is based at Harvard University’s Peabody Museum. He was a Post-doctorate Fellow at Harvard’s Dept. of Anthropology. His degrees, in both life sciences and archeology, were all earned at Tel-Aviv University. His doctoral dissertation explored cultural and ecological changes in Israel’s coastal plain at the end of the last Glacial Period.
The recipient of various research grants, including a three-year Alon Fellowship from Israel’s Council for Higher Education prior to the present award, Bar-Oz is already a prolific author of articles in refereed journals and in books, as well as of presentations at international conferences.


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