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Hatter, Fraenkel, and Recanati Fellowships Awarded

8 Receive Hatter Fellowships

Six Master’s Degree students and two doctoral candidates received Maurice Hatter Fellowships in Maritime Studies at the traditional annual awards ceremony conducted during the 32nd Board of Governors Meeting. The eight grants for research on interdisciplinary subjects on the theme of humans and the sea totaled $44,000, with individual fellowships ranging from $4,500 to $9,000. In addition, two of the graduate students were awarded Lady Irene Hatter grants for research studies dealing with maritime and shore archeology in Turkey and Israel.

Fraenkel Haifa and the Galilee Fellowships

Six doctoral candidates and twenty Master’s degree students shared a total of NIS 87,500 awarded as Thilde and Ernst Fraenkel Fellowships for Research of Haifa and the Galilee. As in past years, this annual award was made at the 32nd Board of Governors Meeting. In addition, a special Fraenkel grant was presented to Assoc. Prof. Motti Giladi of the Dept. of Land of Israel Studies for obtaining the archive of the Supreme Commissioner of British Mandatory Palestine, which contains much material on northern Israel. Golani will transfer the archive to the University Library. The Fraenkel Fellowship grants supported a range of subjects in various disciplines, the principal geographical focus of these works being Haifa and northern Israel.

Recanati Maritime Grants Awarded

Seven graduate students in their first year of the M.A. program in Maritime Civilizations who had outstanding records as undergraduates were awarded Yaakov Recanati Research Fellowships in Maritime Studies during the 32nd Board of Governors Meeting. Individual grants ranged from NIS 2,500 to NIS 10,000.

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Hatter, Fraenkel, and Recanati Fellowships Awarded

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Werner Otto Fellowships

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