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Sammy and Aviva Ofer Observation Gallery Dedicated

The first event of the 32nd Board of Governors Meeting began at the top. The top of the 30-story Eshkol Tower, to be precise. This was where Sammy Ofer, the Israeli shipping magnate, and his wife Aviva dedicated the observation gallery that affords a panoramic view of Haifa port and the Mediterranean to the west, the mountains of Galilee, and even on a clear day up to the snow-capped top of Mt. Hermon on the Syrian border, to the north, and the verdant Carmel National Park to the east. The gallery plays host to a variety of academic and public events, including sessions of the Board of Governors Meeting.
Telling the Governors and guests at a reception how he had been “inspired by the endless horizon” when looking out to the sea as a boy, Ofer called himself “a loyal son of Haifa.” It was the city, he said, where he grew up (after arriving from Europe as a youngster) and where he married.
The looking out at the horizon and the dreaming that Sammy Ofer also talked about can, perhaps, be better done now by visiting the observation gallery bearing his and his wife’s name.
In the picture, the Ofers rejoice after unveiling the dedicatory plaque.


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