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Jacobs Building Dedicated

The formal name of the latest building to be dedicated on the University campus is the Lord Anthony and Lady Evelyn Jacobs Building for the Graduate School of Business and Department of Computer Science. Everyone refers to it simply as the Jacobs Building, and the past Chairman of the Board of Governors, Lord Jacobs, and his wife, the Lady Evelyn, who formally dedicated the edifice during the 32nd Board of Governors Meeting, seemed perfectly content to have it referred to it by that comfortable designation.
Describing himself as “excited about this building,” Lord Jacobs said that he felt that Israel could use more MBAs and that “skilled people would be coming out this building.”
At the luncheon following the dedication, Britain’s Ambassador to Israel, ?, spoke about the “vibrancy” of Anglo-Israel relations. Sir Maurice Hatter, who chaired the event, took the opportunity to announce the donation of three scholarships for ten years in the name of Ms. Yael Metser, who is set to retire as the University’s Vice-President for Development.


In This Issue:

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President Hayuth’s Last Report to Governors: ‘I leave behind me … a University that is well equipped, financially and academically, to meet the challenges ahead’

Prof. Manfred Lahnstein Re-Elected Chairman of University’s Board of Governors

Executive Committee Approves New Vice-Presidents

University Confers Honorary Doctorate on Lord Jacobs, Sammy Ofer, Prof. Bernard Cohen, and Yitzhak Ben-Aharon

Jacobs Building Dedicated

Sammy and Aviva Ofer Observation Gallery Dedicated

Kluger Building Dedicated

Honorary Fellow Bestowed on Alex Samuel

Hatter, Fraenkel, and Recanati Fellowships Awarded

Guy Bar-Oz, a Zooarcheologist, Awarded Dusty Miller Fellowship

Werner Otto Fellowships

Beijing and Haifa Cooperate to Help the Aged Tsinghua University Hosts UH Contingent

Prof. David Kushner: Expert on Turkey Reflects on His Cairo Assignment



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