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Will Allow Early-Warning between Aircraft to Prevent Collision
Unique Algorithm Enables Better Mobile Wireless Communication

Not long before the IDF’s pullout from Lebanon, two Israeli army helicopters ferrying soldiers to the security zone inside that country collided over northern Israel shortly after take-off. There was a large loss of life. An early-warning system between the two aircraft may have been able to prevent the tragedy. Dr. Yosi Ben-Asher, a Computer Sciences Dept. lecturer, and Sharoni Feldman, his doctoral student, have developed an algorithm that would allow building such a system.

The University’s economic arm, Carmel-Haifa University Economic Corp. Ltd., has applied for a patent in the United States for the algorithm, which will enable more efficient communication between a set of mobile wireless users without a fixed set of base stations. Fixed stations characterize cellular telephone networks. If granted, the patent would be Carmel’s second U.S.-registered discovery (see Focus, Winter 2004/05, for a story on its first patent).

The algorithm, known as the Metrical Routing Algorithm (MRA) protocol, is also the University’s first “Magneton” project. This Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade incentive program for industry enables the transfer of technology from a university to a private industrial company in exchange for a licensed agreement benefiting the university. The ministry also funds the university project fully and the company’s development expenses partially.

The system based on the two computer scientists’ algorithm is still in the R&D stage. The hope is that the algorithm will be adapted and improved and the system finalized and built within two years. The main contractor in this case is Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI), while the University—through its Economic Corporation—serves as sub-contractor. Government funding will allow two research assistants to join the University development team.

Ben-Asher and Feldman developed their algorithm in the frame of an “ad-hoc” routing network. Their basic communication structure was a dynamic graph, on which new edges—“communication links with neighbors”—and nodes emerge while others are arbitrarily deleted. The developers termed such a setting “extremely difficult” and demanding new communication protocols that can “maximize the amount and length of ‘sessions’ between users.”

The platforms that can make use of the system are airplanes, helicopters, unmanned drones, and other types of manned and unmanned vehicles. Initial development will concentrate on the use of the system as a collision early-warning system for helicopters.


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Unique Algorithm Enables Better Mobile Wireless Communication




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