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Honors and Awards

Prof. Tamar Katriel of the Dept. of Communication and Faculty of Education was invited to speak at a plenary session of the annual meeting of the International Communication Association in New York. The organization is the premier scholarly body in the discipline. The session will explore Dialogue in Cross-Cultural Perspective, on which topic Katriel recently published a book.

Dr. Hanna Safran of the Women’s Studies cluster in the Dept. of Multidisciplinary Studies was presented the Israeli Civil Rights Association’s Emil Grunzweig Human Rights Award for her wide-ranging activity to advance the status of women, to preserve their rights, and to advance human rights in general on the basis of justice and equality. Among Safran’s illustrious predecessors who received this award was Prof. Itzhak Zamir, the founding Dean of the University’s Law Faculty.

Prof. Gabriel Weimann, Dept. of Communication, was “conscripted” by the prestigious, Washington, DC-based Rand Corporation to join a special research team that will deal with the influence of extremist propaganda. The team consists of ten of the world’s most foremost researchers in the fields of terrorism, Islam, communication, and social psychology.

Prof. Tamar Weiss
, Head of the Laboratory for Innovations in Rehabilitation Technology in the Dept. of Occupational Therapy, was welcomed into the American Occupational Therapy Foundation’s Academy of Research, the highest scholarly honor that AOTF confers, for her work in “helping persons with disabilities participate in the occupations of their choice while improving the quality of their lives.” She is only the second Israeli scholar to have been invited into the elite body.

Assoc. Prof. Yechiam Weitz
of the Dept. of Land of Israel Studies was awarded two prizes for his research. One was the Menachem Begin Memorial Prize for his book on the forerunner of the present-day Likud Party, First Steps Toward the Premiership—The Herut Movement, 1949-1955; the second was the Yad Yitzhak Ben-Zvi Prize, given for his previous book on the Revisionist Movement and Begin himself, From Underground Fighting to Political Party—The Establishment of the Herut Movement, 1947-1949.

Dr. Haggai Kupermintz, Lecturer in the Faculty of Education, received the American Educational Research Association’s, prestigious Palmer O. Johnson Memorial Award. The award, according to AERA, "represents the highest quality of academic scholarship." He and a University of Colorado colleague received the honor at the organization’s 86th annual meeting, held in Montreal, in April for their joint work on "Rethinking Expert Testimony in Education Rights Litigation."

Dr. Sari Goldstein-Ferber, a clinical psychologist and Lecturer in the Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Studies, received the Center for Special Studies’ Inbar Fund prize for her research, “A Cognitive and Organizational Analysis of al-Qaeda: The Contribution of a Psychological Perspective to the Understanding of Global Terrorism.” She was one of four Inbar Fund prize recipients this year, two of whom were from the University.

Ms. Meirav Manor-Goren, who received her M.A. from the Dept. of Education, was the second Inbar Fund prize recipient with a University of Haifa connection this year. She received the prize for her thesis, “Psychological Distress among Youth at the Outbreak of the Second Intifada, Coping, and Receiving Assistance from Support and Information Groups.”

Prof. Moshe Zeidner, Dean of Research, was named a member of the Editorial Board of Emotion, the premiere journal in the field of Affective Sciences, published by the American Psychological Association.

Dr. Fania Oz-Salzberger, a sociologist who heads the Law Faculty’s Posen Forum, was invited to take part in the 2006 Tanner Lectures at Princeton University’s Center for Human Values, considered one of the most prestigious academic events in the U.S.

Assoc. Prof. Raphael Cohen-Almagor, Dept. of Communication, Librarianship program,Dept. of Communication, was named a Bogliasco Foundation (Italy) Fellow for Fall 2005; one of the most competitive awards in the field, it is considered the European counterpart of the Rockefeller Foundation grants in the U. S.

The Department of Philosophy was ranked 63rd in the world. At first glance, this may not seem fit for inclusion in this Honors List. Consider the circumstances, however: More than 700 graduate departments of philosophy around the world were surveyed for ranking. The University’s department came in first in Israel, the next rated Israeli institution ranking 132. The rating was based on the quality and quantity of publications, learned papers, chapters in books, and books by the faculty of every department surveyed.

Though not exactly a prize, the reprint request that Assoc. Prof. Leon Blaustein of the Institute of Evolution received certainly made him feel honored. It was from an Iraqi scientist. Blaustein, who is editor of the Israel Journal of Zoology, wondered whether this represented a change in Iraq or a failure to take close note of his email address.


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Honors and Awards

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