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WINTER 2004-2005

More in This Issue:

Prof. Yossi Ben-Artzi Named Rector of the University

Prof. David Faraggi—Deputy Rector

What If a Tsunami Hit? First Program of Its Kind in Israel Dealing with Mass Disaster

Eskesta Success Continues

Student Builds Internet Site of Never-Recorded Israeli Army Songs

University Campus Gradually Becoming Wireless

Honors and Appointments

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Justice Elyakim Rubinstein, a Former Negotiator, Reflects on Israel-Jordan Relations at a Conference Here Marking a Decade of a Formal Peace Former Jordanian Minister and Negotiator Heads Delegation from Jordan Here

“Leadership, the efforts of the negotiators to be creative, and confidence between the parties.”
These are the ingredients that the sides need when two countries sit down to hammer out a peace treaty, according to Israeli Supreme Court Justice Elyakim Rubinstein. And these elements—along with hard work—are what went into the mix that led to the formal peace treaty between Israel and Jordan signed ten years ago and ratified by the Knesset in November 1994.

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Unique ‘Open Apartment’ Project Benefits Community and Students
“I direct a club in the neighborhood.  It tries to counter alcohol and drugs among the teenagers there.  The idea is for them to come to the club instead of sitting in the park in the dark, sometimes alone, in the evening.
"There won’t be any drug tests,” I tell them. ‘Just come.  You don’t even have to talk with us.’
“When they come, they don’t even give their real names at first, some of them.  It’s a long process of getting them to open up, taking them off the streets.”

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University Obtains Its First Biotech Patent in the U.S.

The University, through its commercial arm, Carmel-Haifa University Economic Corp. Ltd., has obtained its first patent in the United States.  The U.S. patent office issued the patent on October 19, 2004, for an innovative method of genetic transformation in crop plants that was conceived and developed at the University's Institute of Evolution, the university's biotech research center. Institute researchers have gained U.S. patents in the past, but awarded them to private firms. This is the first assigned to the University itself.
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Researcher Develops Computerized Handwriting Evaluation System
Difficulty in handwriting—known as dysgraphia—affects an estimated 10%-34% of all elementary school children around the world.  Youngsters may now stand a better chance of overcoming this disability thanks to a special tool, the first of its kind anywhere, developed by a UH researcher

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President’s Focus

Continuity, Change, and Social Responsibility

Prof. Aaron Ben-Ze’ev

Continuity and change is an old rubric, but one that reflects preservation of accomplishments along with the promotion of new ideas.  Perhaps the opposite of revolution, even of a quiet revolution.  It is in that spirit that in my first column for the Focus newspaper I wish to congratulate Prof. Yehuda Hayuth, the past President of the University, and his management team for their decade-long development of our institution and for making it the flourishing campus it now is.  I wish them the best in their new endeavors.

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