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More in This Issue:

Prof. Asher Koriat Is 1st Recipient of Prestigious German Award

Intelligence Corps Wisely Chooses the University

Sweating Before an Audience—Working to Control a Phobia

Michael Wainer—University’s First Vice President for Finance
and Business Development

Prof. Eli Salzberger Elected Next Dean of Law Faculty

University Responds to Tulane Students' Needs

A Look Back at Graduation 2005

33rd Board of Governors Opens with Song and Story

University Honors Five with Honorary Doctorate
First Egyptian to Conduct in Israel Adds Highlight to Ceremony

Social Responsibility Reflected in a Wide Pool

New Recanati Lab Dedicated

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The University Becomes a Little Like Annapolis (and West Point)

The University of Haifa has launched Israel's closest approximation to Annapolis, the U.S. Navy Academy.
"I am happy to announce we now have a naval academy in Israel," said Rear Admiral David Ben-Baashat, who commands the Israeli Navy. He was speaking at a ceremony at the Haifa Navy Base inaugurating the University's new program for Navy officers that will lead to a B.A. degree in interdisciplinary studies. The formal announcement was one of the events of the University's 33rd Board of Governors Meeting.
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Supported Academic Learning Aids Students with Problems

Are college-age youth suffering from mental and personality disorders, like mania-depression, schizophrenia, or obsessive compulsive disorder, doomed never to have a higher education?
Prof. Yehezkel Taler, director of the University’s Center for Rehabilitation Research and Human Development, recognized that many such youngsters have the cognitive ability to gain a degree, even a graduate degree. Together with some others, he raised the idea of conducting a special project to work with students suffering from such disorders. The result is a 3-year pilot program called “Supported Academic Education,” sponsored by the Ministry of Health, the National Security Institute, and Reut, a non-profit organization for mental health rehabilitation, being carried out at the Haifa University and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Of the two, the project here on Mt. Carmel is conducted on-campus.
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Synagogue/Church Controversy and a Digestive Amulet
Mark University’s Dig at Hippos-Sussita

The sixth season of the archeological excavation at Hippos-Sussita in northern Israel produced several surprises for the University’s archeologists. One was a lintel—did it belong to a synagogue or a church?
The find of a lintel bearing Jewish symbols that typified synagogues led to the initial conclusion that the public building being uncovered in the south-western residential quarter of Sussita was a synagogue. Jewish sources had indicated its very existence in this predominantly Greek city.
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Golumbic Elected Israel’s 1st European Fellow
Prof. Martin Golumbic, founding Director of the University’s Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Foundation Institute for Interdisciplinary Applications of Computer Science, has been named a Fellow of the European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence (ECCAI), the umbrella organization of all European AI societies. Golumbic is the first Israeli researcher to be so honored.
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