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Intelligence Corps Wisely Chooses the University

The University of Haifa won a nationwide tender to educate elite members of the Israel Defense Force’s Intelligence Corps. The program, which leads to a B.A. degree, is the first of its kind in Israel.
Called the Havatzlot (Lilies) program, the special three-year course of study joins the B.A. program for Israeli Navy officers officially launched here during the Board of Governors Meeting (see story p. 1) and its veteran M.A. program for senior IDF officers.
“The University of Haifa has a long history of cooperation with the security forces,” said University President Prof. Aaron Ben-Ze’ev in formally announcing the program. “It is reflected in special curricula, in absorbing students, and in research institutes that have been set up in this discipline.”
“Our University attributes great importance to this cooperation and is proud to integrate this prestigious program.”
The Havatzlot program, the Intelligence Corps’ flagship program, is one of the most prestigious that the IDF offers. Its purpose is to train a very high quality group of intelligence research officers who will constitute the spearhead of this corps.
The program will involve a double major, one being Middle East History, in the course of which students will receive broad basic knowledge of Middle East subjects, Arabic, political science, and international relations. The students' second major will be a choice of economics, computer sciences, mathematics, or philosophy. They will also receive some military and intelligence courses.
The academic studies parallel the three years of compulsory service incumbent on all post-high school inductees into the IDF. They will undergo basic training and some other military training, during the summer semester breaks. During their studies, the soldiers will live in the University dorms on campus. After gaining a degree and their officer rank, the soldiers will serve a further six years as research officers.
The first class of the Havatzlot program, which begins this summer, has 25 soldier students, men and women. They were selected from a pool of some 4,000 applicants. Havatzlot will be conducted in cooperation with Intelligence Corps officers and a senior academic advisor, Prof. Joseph Nevo of the Dept. of Middle East History, will supervise the program academically.

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